Wednesday 26th November, 2014





Everything looked so fresh & clean last Tuesday the showers on Monday made the course sparkle for the 32 hopefuls who played a Par. In Div. 1 Mary Armstrong was the best with -1, Liz Canney who had -2 was the R/U. Div. 2 was for handicaps 29-45 here Sue Pauline with All Square won on a count back from Jenette Cox. Eleven received a ball with balls going to -3 on a count back. NTP’s 2nd Shot on the 3rd Judy Auland Liz Canney is now getting the measure of Tathra and won both the 9th & 14th. Mary Armstrong was glad she paid up her dollar for the Golden shot as she won NTP plus the money on the 18th.

We had 25 starters last Saturday enough for two divisions. The name of the game was Stroke. In Div.1 for H/caps 0-25 Carol Stege had a nett 68 to win, Sally Armstrong though was hot on her heels with a nett 69 to be the R/U. Pat James from Div. 2 also had a nett 69 to be the best, Carney Bower had a very sad story to tell of what might have been if only they hadn’t found her ball on the 9th, Carney had a nett 72 and was the runner-up. Never mind Carney you know what you can do. NTP’s 14th Sally Armstrong the 18th Carney Bower. Best putter was Bridget O’Reilly just 27 putts and best off the stick Robyn Brand 82. Eight balls to 74 nett.

Twenty one ladies played a Stableford on Monday in steamy conditions. They welcomed Pam Laurie, Trish Whitford and Alison Coman new players to the Nine Hole Comp. Winners were Shirley Toohill, Alison Coman, Sheila Russell, Robyn Hanrahan, Juanita Trent & Deirdre Feneley. The closing day for the Nine Holers will be December 15th, more later. Next week hit off at 8.30 – all welcome.

We welcomed back our President Trish Westmore happy to be home, (even happy to play bad golf) after six weeks in Sydney while hubby Ian underwent Radiation Treatment. She thanked Joy Brunton who took the helm in her absence. Congratulations to Noeline Bell who is the Delegate Open Champion for 2014 sometimes good news travels slowly.

Our break up day is December 9th, the theme is Xmas it will only be a Nine Hole Comp so that we have plenty of time to enjoy the Xmas festivities back at the 19th . Don’t forget to bring a plate, and instead of a Kris-Kringle you can donate to Can Assist.

Next Saturday is a Stableford & Tuesday will be the first of our win a Christmas Ham days.








Legacy Day : Vice-President Joy Brunton with Tathra Legacy President Meg Millard.



Legacy Day : Tathra Legacy President Meg Millard with Div1 Winner - Liz Canney, Div2 Winner - Libby Whiteway & Div3 Winner - Ludy Auland.




 Winner of Medal of Medals - Di Evans





Club Champion 2014 - Noeline Bell.





Club Championships : Scratch Winners - Pam Hahne, Noeline Bell, Veronica Coman & Renate Boulter.





Club Championships Div 1 Winners: Scratch - Pam Hahne, Hcp - Grace Galeano & Hcp R/Up Liz Canney.





Club Championships Div 2 Winners: Scratch  - Veronica Coman, Hcp - Narelle Harrison, Scratch R/Up - Wendy Dunn & Hcp R/Up - Di Evans.





Club Championship Div 3 Winners: Renate Boulter, Pat James, Bridget O'Reilly & Karen Thornton.




Club Championships Day 3 Hcp Winners:- Veronica Coman, Mary Armstrong & Pat James.





Club Championships Vets. & Putting :  Noeline Bell, Renate Boulter & Sue Cotterill.




 Championships Hcp Winners Day 1 : Div 1 - Liz Canney, Div 2 - Narelle Harrison & Div 3 - Renate Boulter.






Championships Hcp Winners Day2 :  Div 1 - Noeline Bell, Div 2 - Grace Galeano & Div 3 - Renate Boulter. 




 Saturday Medal No.6 Winner - Nora Trent being presented with the medal by President Trish Westmore.



President                              Trish Westmore     6494 1434                      

Vice-President                      Joy Brunton           64941644

Captain                                 Di Evans                  64959857

Vice Captain                         Denise Falvey

Secretary                              Carol Stege           6494 5313

Treasurer                              Renate Boulter     6494 4283

Handicapper                        Colleen Bennett     6494 4250 

Committee                            Libby Whiteway


Patron                                 Raynor Pitchford   6494 1138

Publicity                              Narelle Harrison     6492 2628


 Golf Program for 2014 available on separate page....