Wednesday 17th December, 2014





Rather blustery conditions for last Tuesday’s Stableford did not deter Noeline Bell who had a magic back nine, off a handicap of 10 Noeline had just 35 off the stick and was the Div. 1 winner with 37 Stableford pts. the R/U with nett 33 was Narelle Harrison. Div. 2 was for H/caps 28-45 and was won by Karen Thornton 27 pts. on a count-back from Edith Robinson. NTP’s 2nd shot on the 3rd Bridget O’Reilly, both the 9th & 18th to Noeline, and the 14th Marnie Nicholson. There were 28 starters, ten players received a ball, with balls going to 27.

Saturday was the start of the Summer Stableford with 26 players. Div. 1 H/caps 0-25 and Wendy Dunn was the best player with 35 pts. one back was Liz Canney 34 pts. In Div. 2 Pat James 33 nett, pipped Rhonda Castellari on a count back. NTP’s 14th Sharon Summerville & the 18th Karen Enright. Balls went to 29 and 9 were awarded.

The Monday Nine-hole girls had a really enjoyable closing day with 26 ladies playing and quite a few extras joining them for a sumptuous lunch. Winners on the day were Chris Noak, Dorothea Burhop, Sylvia Davey & Jaunita Trent followed by Wendy Smith, Jenny Ellis, Shirley Toohill & Pat James.

It was a Mixed Competition last Sunday with two Christmas Hams the Trophy. It was also a swap partners day as the two Hams could not go to the same family. Working well together Robyn Brand and John Enright will be sharing their Tathra Butchery hams with their families this Christmas.

You will have seen the Christmas Hampers on display in the Club House, the draw will be this Sunday night. The Annual Sea Breeze Tournament will be played January 15 to 18th incl. this is always a very popular event, you can enter your name from December 28th. Celebrating Birthdays this week Sue Pauline, Clare Joyce and Ivi Streimann.

Both the 18 hole ladies and the 9 holers wish everyone the compliments of the Season & we look forward to a happy, busy & successful Golf year in 2015.




 Golfer of the Year : Sue Pauline.



Most Improved Golfer : Cheryl MacKenzie.



Fun Day Winners: Deidre Fenley, Cheryl MacKenzie & Lee Gill.




 Fun Day : R/Up s : Bridget O'Reilly, Kaye Murray, Denise Falvey & Pat James.



Nine Holer  Award : Sally Armstrong with the winner of the Adrienne Steindl Trophy for the Monday 9 hole golfers - Robyn Hanrahan.


Ham Winner on Tuesday - Ivi Streimann.




Legacy Day : Vice-President Joy Brunton with Tathra Legacy President Meg Millard.



Legacy Day : Tathra Legacy President Meg Millard with Div1 Winner - Liz Canney, Div2 Winner - Libby Whiteway & Div3 Winner - Ludy Auland.




 Winner of Medal of Medals - Di Evans





Club Champion 2014 - Noeline Bell.





Club Championships : Scratch Winners - Pam Hahne, Noeline Bell, Veronica Coman & Renate Boulter.





Club Championships Div 1 Winners: Scratch - Pam Hahne, Hcp - Grace Galeano & Hcp R/Up Liz Canney.





Club Championships Div 2 Winners: Scratch  - Veronica Coman, Hcp - Narelle Harrison, Scratch R/Up - Wendy Dunn & Hcp R/Up - Di Evans.





Club Championship Div 3 Winners: Renate Boulter, Pat James, Bridget O'Reilly & Karen Thornton.




Club Championships Day 3 Hcp Winners:- Veronica Coman, Mary Armstrong & Pat James.





Club Championships Vets. & Putting :  Noeline Bell, Renate Boulter & Sue Cotterill.




 Championships Hcp Winners Day 1 : Div 1 - Liz Canney, Div 2 - Narelle Harrison & Div 3 - Renate Boulter.






Championships Hcp Winners Day2 :  Div 1 - Noeline Bell, Div 2 - Grace Galeano & Div 3 - Renate Boulter. 




 Saturday Medal No.6 Winner - Nora Trent being presented with the medal by President Trish Westmore.



President                              Trish Westmore     6494 1434                      

Vice-President                      Joy Brunton           64941644

Captain                                 Di Evans                  64959857

Vice Captain                         Denise Falvey

Secretary                              Carol Stege           6494 5313

Treasurer                              Renate Boulter     6494 4283

Handicapper                        Colleen Bennett     6494 4250 

Committee                            Libby Whiteway


Patron                                 Raynor Pitchford   6494 1138

Publicity                              Narelle Harrison     6492 2628


 Golf Program for 2014 available on separate page....