Wednesday 22nd July, 2015




Robyn Brand wins Medal on a Count-Back

Last Tuesday was a lovely day, blue skies, 18 deg., perfect conditions for the 37 who participated in Medal Round No.5. Robyn off a H/cap of 11 won the Medal on a count/back from Captain Di Evans who plays in

Div.2 (H/caps 26-30), both ladies had nett 75, these two also claimed the putting honours with 29 putts a piece. The R/U in Div.1 was Pam Hahne nett 79 and Nora Trent had a nett 76 to be the Div. 2 R/U. In Div. 3 our President Trish Westmore was the winner with a nett 76 on a count-back from Pam Laurie. Good to have you back Trish and well done. NTP’s 2nd on the 3rd Pam Laurie, 9th Robyn Brand, 14th Pat James & the 18th was Pam Hahne. Twelve balls were awarded with balls going to 81 nett. Vouchers were presented by Kerry Gardener the Day Trophy Donor.

Carny Bower pulls one out of the hat and has 39 points in last Saturday’s Stableford easily beating the 20 other players. Robyn Brand with 31 points was next best. Balls went to 28 with seven being won. NTP’s 9th Robyn Brand 14th not won the 18th Helen Ryan.

A sunny windless Monday saw 22 ladies play a Stableford. winners were Sue Howland, Sheila Russell, Kerri Wood, Jaunita Trent, Trish Whitford, Phyllis Piscopo & Heather Langford. Next week will be a drop-out Ambrose – all welcome starting time 8.15 a.m.

Celebrating Birthdays over the coming week Trish Westmore, Faye Switzer, Mary Moore & Cheryl MacKenzie. We still remember Colleen Hill a member at Tathra, Colleen was fostering a very sick baby named Drae who required round the clock care. Colleen took him on when he was 10 months old for 2 yrs. his needs were so great that golf was a casualty to Drae’s well-being. Two years have passed, Colleen has done a wonderful job, Drae is sitting up and as the photo shows a happy little chappie. He still has a long way to go but thanks to the Colleens of this world he knows love. And now it’s time to move on, the transition to his new foster family who live in Bega has gone very well. This will be his family for the next 16 yrs.

Next Saturday is a Par, Tuesday is Hospital Charity Day the most important thing to bring apart from yourself is your money and we will be playing an Ambrose –Long/short draw, and we will be having a Golden shot.





 Baby Drae.



Tuesday Medal No.5 Winner - Robyn Brand being presented with her medal by Kerry Gardner.



Saturday Medal No.5 Winner: Rhonda Castellari presented with her medal by Colleen Bennett.




 Patron's Day :  Patron Raynor Pitchford congratulates the winners of the day - Div1- Karen Enright, Div2- Nora Trent and Div3- Pam Laurie.


 Tuesday |Medal No.4 - Captain Di Evans pins the medal on Winner -  Colleen Bennett.



 Walter & Eliza Cancer Institute Charity Day

Winners - Joy Brunton & Tryntje Plevey.



Walter & Eliza Cancer Institute Charity Day : 2nd - Nora Trent & Helen Coulter (Tura Beach)



 Walter & Eliza Cancer Institute Charity Day : 3rd  - Barb Ubrihien (Bega) &  Pam Hahne.



Monday Golf 10th Birthday cake being cut by Marnie Nicholson & Joy Brunton and ably supervised by young Nicho.



 Monday Golf 10th Birthday - Golfers celebrate.



President Trish Westmore congratulates Denise Falvey on winning the Tuesday Medal No.3.



 Saturday Medal No. 4 Winner :  Bev Munz , medal presented by Renate Boulter.


 Golf Program for 2015 available on separate page....