Wednesday 29th October, 2014








The Championships continued last Sunday in very light drizzle. The day winners were Div. 1 Noeline Bell nett 73 from Colleen Bennet on a count back. Div. 2 Grace Galeano with the day's best score nett 67, the R/U was Di Evans nett 76. Renate Boulter was the best in Div. 3 nett 71, with Bridget O'Reilly nett 72 the R/U. NTP's Narelle Harrison the 14th and Noeline Bell the 18th. Sue Cotterill and Alison Anderson, shared the putting honours both had just 28 putts. Ten balls awarded to nett77. Leading Scratch after round two (36 Holes) & from their respective divisions Noeline Bell, Veronica Coman & Renata Boulter.

We had the best weather for the final round played last Tuesday and after 54 holes playing off a handicap of 11 Noeline Bell triumphed, and is the 2014 Club Champion. Firstly - the day winners. Div. 1 Veronica Coman nett 73, R/U Grace Galeano nett 76. Div. 2 Mary Armstrong nett 73, R/U Sandra Mullaney nett 75. Div. 3 Pat James nett 73 R/U Judy Auland nett 77. NTP's Lou Holt had the best 2nd shot on the 3rd for H/C's 30+, not one of us managed to get on the 9th or the 14th. On the 18th we had a Golden Shot, congratulation and the money to Colleen Bennett. Putting was shared equally by Nora Trent & Noeline Bell who each had 30 putts. Balls went to 78 and 12 were given.

The handicap parameters for the 54 hole Championships were Div. 1 (0-21) Div. 2 (22-28) Div. 3 (29-45) you played off your starting H/cap for all the 54 holes. Div. 1 Scratch was won by Pam Hahne who played off a handicap of 16, R/U was Faye Nicholson off 13. Handicap winner was Grace Galeano playing off 21, Liz Canney was the R/U with a H/cap of 20. The Scratch winner in Div. 2 was Veronica Coman off a H/cap of 22, also off 22 was the R/U Wendy Dunn. Narelle Harrison off 25 was the H/C winner and Di Evans with a 26 H/c was the R/U. Division 3 and Renata Boulter off a H/cap of 29 led all the way to win Scratch, Bridget O'Reilly was the R/U on a H/cap of 33. Pat James won H/cap off a Handicap of 29, and Karen Thornton off a H/cap of 38 was the runner-up. The best putter over the 54 holes was Sue Cotterill with 201 putts. Thank you to Kath & Mary for doing the Championship Board, and to Bridget & Sandra for the celebratory nibbles.

Twenty girls also turned out to play a 4BBB Stableford last Saturday the winners were Carleen Maley & Marnie Nicholson with a fabulous nett 47, Judy Shallard and Kath Brown were the runners up nett 43. NTP's were won by

Ivi Streimann the 14th and Faye Nicholson the 18th. Six balls were won, going to nett 37.

Overcast skies did not deter 17 ladies from playing a Stableford last Monday. Winners were, Denise Glover, Gloria Blyton, Helen Ryan, Wendy Smith & Sylvia Davey. They welcomed Chris Noack & Dawn Otton back after injury. Next week hit off at 8.30 and all welcome.

Next Tuesday (Cup Day) there will be a Stableford for those wishing to play, there is a draw on the computer just add yourself if you wish to play. This Saturday the final round of the Jellat Jellat Cup will be played at Bega, will our lead of 4 points be enough? Happy Birthday to Jan Meares who celebrated a Birthday on Tuesday.








Club Champion 2014 - Noeline Bell.





Club Championships : Scratch Winners - Pam Hahne, Noeline Bell, Veronica Coman & Renate Boulter.





Club Championships Div 1 Winners: Scratch - Pam Hahne, Hcp - Grace Galeano & Hcp R/Up Liz Canney.





Club Championships Div 2 Winners: Scratch  - Veronica Coman, Hcp - Narelle Harrison, Scratch R/Up - Wendy Dunn & Hcp R/Up - Di Evans.





Club Championship Div 3 Winners: Renate Boulter, Pat James, Bridget O'Reilly & Karen Thornton.




Club Championships Day 3 Hcp Winners:- Veronica Coman, Mary Armstrong & Pat James.





Club Championships Vets. & Putting :  Noeline Bell, Renate Boulter & Sue Cotterill.




 Championships Hcp Winners Day 1 : Div 1 - Liz Canney, Div 2 - Narelle Harrison & Div 3 - Renate Boulter.






Championships Hcp Winners Day2 :  Div 1 - Noeline Bell, Div 2 - Grace Galeano & Div 3 - Renate Boulter. 




 Saturday Medal No.6 Winner - Nora Trent being presented with the medal by President Trish Westmore.



President                              Trish Westmore     6494 1434                      

Vice-President                      Joy Brunton           64941644

Captain                                 Di Evans                  64959857

Vice Captain                         Denise Falvey

Secretary                              Carol Stege           6494 5313

Treasurer                              Renate Boulter     6494 4283

Handicapper                        Colleen Bennett     6494 4250 

Committee                            Libby Whiteway


Patron                                 Raynor Pitchford   6494 1138

Publicity                              Narelle Harrison     6492 2628


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